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Waste PET bottle recycling and washing line process

PET drink bottle

Plastic washing line process

There are differences in the process of processing waste plastic bottles and processing plastic films. They usually have different names. The ones that process plastic bottles are usually called plastic bottle washing line, daily miscellaneous plastic crushing and washing line, and waste HDPE/PET bottle crushing. washing lines, etc.; those that process films include waste PE film washing lines, waste PP woven bag washing lines, ton bag crushing and washing lines, etc. The waste PET bottle recycling and washing line process main process flow is as follows:

PET drink bottle

Waste PET bottle recycling and washing line process:

Feeding conveyor belt – uniform feeding – shredder with water to tear into bundles or loose woven bags, and pre-washing at the same time – spiral washing machine – conveying and washing – pre-washing machine – removing sediment and possible small stones Foreign matter – spiral washing machine (conveying and washing) – rinsing sedimentation tank (washing materials, removing sediment and impurities) – crusher (crushing with water and washing) – spiral washing machine (conveying and washing) – horizontal friction washing machine (washing materials, removing sediment and impurities) – Rinsing sedimentation tank (further washing materials, removing impurities) – Horizontal friction washing machine (washing materials, removing sediment and impurities) – Centrifugal dehydrator (dehydrating materials) – Hot air drying system (Further drying)—Bagging system—Control electrical box.

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