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ZL sereis compactor granulating machine01

ZL Sereis Compactor Granulating Machine

The ZL series plastic pelletizing line combines function of crushing, compacting and pelletizing into one step. It provides best solution for plastic film, raffia, filament, bags, woven bags and foam materials recycling.Our ZL series compactor granulator can be pull strip cutting method, or water ring cutting method for option.

Estimated Plant Parameters

Model (single-stage)ZL-85 ZL-100ZL-130 ZL-160 ZL-180
Screw Diameter (mm)85100130160180
L/D 25-4225-4225-3325-3325-33
Model (double-stage)ZL85-100ZL100-120ZL130-150 ZL160-180 ZL180-200
Screw Diameter (mm)85100130160180

Applicable Material

PE, PP film, Silk, Flakes (≤0.5mm), Bags, etc.

Product Details

Belt Conveyor With Metal Detector

  1. Control method: Frequency control
  2. Metal detector for optional
  3. Feeding plastic materials into compactor automatically 


  1. Bearing use NSK(from Japan) or SKF(from Sweden).
  2. The plastic materials got cutting, mixing and preheating in compactor uniformly, to ensure the material heated and dried effectively
  3. Temperature sensor detecting compactor inside temperature and automatically spray water cooling materials when temperature is too high

Main Extruder

  1. Screw/barrel material 38CrMoAl, Nitriding processing, with excellent plasticizingresult and high output capacity
  2. Use aluminum heater, long service life time
  3. Main extruder rotation speed frequency control(controlled by invertor)

Vacuum system

  1. Force vacuum degassing system to remove the low molecular, moisture and printing ink effectively, make sure high quality output pellets

Screen Changer

  1. Use hydraulic station automatically change screen, screen changer time below 2 seconds, special design, no leakage
  2. Equipped with pressure sensor, automatic alarm change screen
  3. We have plate type, piston type, back flush type, and automatic self-cleaning type filter for optional

Horizontal Water Ring Cutting System

  1. Water-ring die-face/Strand cutting methods are usually adopted. In water-ring die-face cutting system, the rotary cutting blades will be pneumatically fit completely and closely to the dieface surface to ensure efficient cutting
  2. We offer vertical water ring cutting system, and horizontal water ring cutting system for optional

Vertical Dewatering Machine

  1. Bearing use NSK(from Japan) or SKF(from Sweden).
  2. Rotation speed reach 1200rpm
  3. Main shaft through dynamic balance treatment, ensure machine will not shake during operation
  4. Made stainless steel

Control Cabinet

  1. Use world famous brand electric parts:
    ABB invertor,
    Schneider contactor,
    Omron temperature controller
    Siemens PLC (for option)

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