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Plastic squeezer01

Plastic Squeezer

This is new type film squeezing machine which is designed by our company. It use squeezing & dehydration principle, after raw material (LDPE agriculture film, LLDPE strength film, and PP woven/big bags, etc) crushing and washed, this squeezer machine can quickly and effectively remove the water. It is easy to increase the subsequent granulating line production capacity.

1. Low power consumption. Main motor power between 75-160kw, no need to connection drying pipe system. Compare transitional horizontal dewatering machine + drying pipe system, can save electric consumption 40-50%.
2. Small land occupied
3. Low rotation speed, almost no noise
4. Dewatering function is better, final products humidity less than 2%
5. Can greatly increase the subsequent granulating line production capacity

Estimated Plant Parameters

ModelMain motor power Screw Dia.Screw materialCapacity
Final products humidity
KN2507525040Cr, Nitriding treatment3002%
KN3009030040Cr, Nitriding treatment5002%
KN35016035040Cr, Nitriding treatment8002%

Applicable Material

LDPE agriculture film, LLDPE strength film, and PP woven/big bags, etc.

Product Details

Main machine

Rotation speed:50rpm
Cutting motor power:5.5kw
Cutter rotation speed:380rpm (frequency control by invertor)
Pellets size:≥12mm
Loading fan power:7.5kw
Heating power: 12kw
Final production humidity: below 2%


Material:38CrMoA1A Nitrified
Hardness: HV 740
Nitrified thickness: 0.4-0.6
CNC treatment


Material:38CrMoAl Nitrified
Special design on the screw, suitable for process both PE and PP materials.
Hardness: HV ≥ 980
Nitrified thickness: 0.6-0.7
CNC treatment


Material:38CrMoAl Nitrified

CNC treatment

die head hole size: 12-18mm

(process PE and PP, need exchange the die head plate)


Cutting hood material:stainless steel
Cutting motor and cutting shaft connect directly
Cutting knife quantity:4pieces
Blade material: White steel
Cutter material:SDK-11
Cutting angle:30°
The cover can opening, easy to install/dismount the knives, and easy for maintenance

Driving part

High quality high torque, low noise, hard surface gear box connected with cooling cycling system outside
SPC belt driving efficiency
Belt quantity:7 pieces

Wind transition + silo

Fan motor power:7.5kw
Material of silo: stainless steel
Volume of silo: 1.5m³

Platform Handrail

Big area Platform + Handrail, easy for workers to checking machine working condition, and easy for machine maintenance

Control cabinet

Word famous brand electric components used:
ABB invetor
Schneider contactor

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